On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 11:38, Ethan Rosenberg <eth...@earthlink.net> wrote:
> I am trying to write a program that can have two(2) independent forms in one
> PHP file.  When I run the code below [from PHP - A Beginner's Guide], to
> which I have added a second form, it freezes.
> What did I do wrong?

    You presumed that "A Beginner's Guide" meant that it was a book
for beginners.... not one written by a beginner.  Firstly, while GOTO
has a place in programming for certain things, the example (and I can
see the difference between the original and your additions) is
atrocious, and is not at all representative of any code you would
ever, ever want to put into production.  That looks like a nightmare
of taking a math final, not knowing the answer, and suddenly realizing
you're in your underwear --- and have explosive uncontrollable
diarrhea on top of it, and your ankles are chained to the chair.  Who
is the author?  I saw one on Amazon by Vikram Vaswani, but there was
no use of GOTO that I could find there.  I'd like to see what other
"tips" are included, or perhaps to see if that code was used in a
different context (as in, "what will work, but what not to do anyway,"
or, "I wrote this on April Fool's Day").

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