On 16/05/15 10:00, Karl DeSaulniers wrote:
> That does clarify things a bit better on both the @ question
> and prepared statements. Thank you for the link as well.
> So new question.. what is the best type of database to use
> for someone who wants to start small and grow big?
> My findings led me to MySQL InnoDB.

I'm somewhat biased since much of my data goes back to a time before
MySQL even existed. Using Interbase which is now open source as
Firebird. Early versions of MySQL were never stable enough to use in the
environments I work, and while Postgres was also appearing on the radar,
I've no reason to change. Little things like being able to run backups
automatically even if I've never actually had to use one. And some SQL
functions available in Firebird have yet to appear in other engines, and
having to decide if you want the security InnoDB provides is simply
standard in other engines.

The first question is are you hosting yourself or using third party
hosting? MySQL tends to be available on all third party posting, with
some providing Postgres, while Firebird tends to be privately hosted. If
you are hosting yourself, then of cause MySQL may actually be MariaDB
and you end up with a mix of sources. It's a bit like Internbase and
Firebird where the commercial charges can affect one installation where
the other is totally free.

If you are only looking for a single installation, then MySQL is
probably fine. I'm running 50+ databases and with Firebird each is
isolated in it's own directory and automatically backs up to the website
storage area.

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