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> On 16/05/15 10:00, Karl DeSaulniers wrote:
>> That does clarify things a bit better on both the @ question
>> and prepared statements. Thank you for the link as well.
>> So new question.. what is the best type of database to use
>> for someone who wants to start small and grow big?
>> My findings led me to MySQL InnoDB.
> I'm somewhat biased since much of my data goes back to a time before
> MySQL even existed. Using Interbase which is now open source as
> Firebird. Early versions of MySQL were never stable enough to use in the
> environments I work, and while Postgres was also appearing on the radar,
> I've no reason to change. Little things like being able to run backups
> automatically even if I've never actually had to use one. And some SQL
> functions available in Firebird have yet to appear in other engines, and
> having to decide if you want the security InnoDB provides is simply
> standard in other engines.
> The first question is are you hosting yourself or using third party
> hosting? MySQL tends to be available on all third party posting, with
> some providing Postgres, while Firebird tends to be privately hosted. If
> you are hosting yourself, then of cause MySQL may actually be MariaDB
> and you end up with a mix of sources. It's a bit like Internbase and
> Firebird where the commercial charges can affect one installation where
> the other is totally free.
> If you are only looking for a single installation, then MySQL is
> probably fine. I'm running 50+ databases and with Firebird each is
> isolated in it's own directory and automatically backs up to the website
> storage area.
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Interesting. I program in MySQL on a hosting plan by a third party.
I have heard/read MySQL is not an enterprise solution, but 
for the basic business with say less than 100,000 customers,
it does the job and well. Larger than that I had hear Postgres
and oracle were good to look at. Havent heard any good things about
SQL server (.NET), but did't have too much trouble working with one a few years 
I guess I don't know enough about what is available to do with a good database 
and which
to pick to do what I want with. There are so many. Hence my question here.

Again, thanks for your response.


Karl DeSaulniers
Design Drumm
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