On 16/05/15 14:51, Karl DeSaulniers wrote:
> Interesting. I program in MySQL on a hosting plan by a third party.
> I have heard/read MySQL is not an enterprise solution, but 
> for the basic business with say less than 100,000 customers,
> it does the job and well. Larger than that I had hear Postgres
> and oracle were good to look at. Havent heard any good things about
> SQL server (.NET), but did't have too much trouble working with one a few 
> years back.
> I guess I don't know enough about what is available to do with a good 
> database and which
> to pick to do what I want with. There are so many. Hence my question here.

That probably sums up 'hosted' plans. The number of available database
engines has declined in recent years, and where a site 'outgrows' MySQL,
there are a few custom developments, but bottom line ... there is not a
single obvious answer ;)

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