+1 for PHP way on both questions. The language should be consistent.
I think one of the goals - a major one - of PHP (or any other 
programming language, for that matter) should be:

provide a single, consistent interface to many different areas 
of programmer's life. In other words, I think consistency is 
what distinguishes a programming language from a pile of libs 
quickly hacked together into something resembling Crude Puppy 
rather than anything else.

At 17:16 24.1. 2001, Uwe Steinmann wrote the following:
>On Wed, Jan 24, 2001 at 03:07:09PM +0100, Cynic wrote:
>> maybe they should be pdf_find_font, pdf_add_local_link etc?
>> that would be more consistent with the func-naming convention, 
>> I guess, but I'm in no position to decide this.
>> but I definitely think that it should be either underscore 
>> everywhere, or just between the ext. prefix and the rest of 
>> the name (i. e. pdf_findfont, pdf_injectasmanywordasyouseefit), 
>> or whatever, but it should be consistent. that is, don't 
>> mix pdf_open_file with pdf_add_locallink, because that only 
>> confuse folks. and the consensus (at least I got it it's agreed
>> on) is pdf_add_local_link-like names.
> From the php point of view there should be underscores but
>the pdflib api doesn't use them except for the one after the 'pdf'.
>The question is, shall we enforce the php naming or allow the
>pdflib naming.
>There are probably other points which need to be discussed like
>what a function should return if it fails. Many php functions return
>false but pdflib's api requires to return -1.
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