> I agree. PHP doesn't need to map the C API's one-to-one but implement PHP
> functions in the PHP spirit and in a consistent way. That consistent way is
> returning false.
> We've talked about this numerous times. When we implement an extension
> module for a C library we don't even necessarily need to map the functions
> one-to-one to PHP but think of what API would be the most useful for PHP
> programmers allowing them flexibility but staying with it's short
> development time advantage.

In the case of the current pdflib extension, it is very close to a 1:1
mapping already with a few missing things.  The error handling needs to
stay PHP consistent, but I don't really mind if we end up with a 1:1
mapping in this case.  That shouldn't exclude some higher level functions
at some point, but if a complete 1:1 mapping makes life easier for you
guys and it means a well-maintained and well-documented pdflib extension
for PHP then I am all for it.


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