Jani Taskinen wrote:

> On Wed, 24 Jan 2001, Uwe Steinmann wrote:
> >On Wed, Jan 24, 2001 at 03:07:09PM +0100, Cynic wrote:
> >> confuse folks. and the consensus (at least I got it it's agreed
> >> on) is pdf_add_local_link-like names.
> >>From the php point of view there should be underscores but
> >the pdflib api doesn't use them except for the one after the 'pdf'.
> >The question is, shall we enforce the php naming or allow the
> >pdflib naming.
> This API is used in PHP -> use the PHP naming. If we start making
> exceptions we end up having a mess in our hands.. :)

This is the same problem for us. We have to support eight (number is
still growing) PDFlib language bindings including documentation and
samples, on differnent plattforms. So it is very essential for us to have
a consistent API and documentation. We cannot afford to duplicate the
whole PDFlib-Manual for each language binding, and therefore strive to
supply a single unified reference Manual for all languages. The benefit
for the developer is that allwas has access to the latest and
comprehensive PDFlib documentation. The maintainers not neccesarly have
to duplicate the manual into the PHP documentation. Even another little
detail, if somebody changes from i.e. ASP to php they can simply reuse
the pdflib-code :-)

> >There are probably other points which need to be discussed like
> >what a function should return if it fails. Many php functions return
> >false but pdflib's api requires to return -1.
> Again, we should be consistant within PHP the language.
> ie. if function fails -> RETURN_FALSE.

After some discussion with Thomas, we are convinced to do it the php way.
The extension will take care to convert the PDFlib error convention to
PHP conventions. In addition PDFlib exceptions are mapped to php_error().

> IMO.
> --Jani

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