>> Great analysis. What about answering the question? Stanislav Malyshev
>> said some months ago this is 'strange', see the discussion around bug
>> 6076. Tell us at least, why this actually isn't strange.
> By default, any unset variable has value NULL - and isset(NULL) returns
> false to indicate that. Similarly, assigning NULL to a variable unsets
> it.
> -Andrei
> * The great thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from. *

Well, sure, isset(NULL) should return false, it's not a variable set in the
scope. A constant(?) yes, but not a variable.

But if you set a variable at some point in a script, would it not stand to
reason that that name is in the global/local namespace, and therefore IS

It's somewhat conflicting when you reason:


    $a = 1;
    $b = 2;
    $c = NULL;




   [GLOBALS] => Array
    [a] => 1
    [b] => 2
    [c] => 

So, $c is set, since it is contained in $GLOBALS. Yet it's not, because it's

I vote for isset() on a NULL value should be true if it's in the namespace.

  Mark J. Hershenson

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