with all respect to the people who develop the language, I 
think this is nonsense:

$rs = mysql_query( 'select x, y, z from foo where ...' ) ;
$x = mysql_fetch_array( $rs , MYSQL_NUM ) ;
var_dump( $x[2] ) ;
var_dump( isset( $x[2] ) ) ;

NULL # well, the column contains null values

But since (almost) everybody else disagrees, I must be missing 
something obvious.

BTW, does $x = null really equal to unset( $x ) or does 
isset() just get fooled by its value?

At 01:55 7.2. 2001, André Langhorst wrote the following:
>>Perhaps, in order to maintain compatibility, we should re-document is_set,
>>create the documentation for is_null, and look into creating a new function
>>that will determine if something has "ever been inside the namespace", regardless
>>of its current value, or absence of value.
>we should just define (and document) this similar to Andrei (note, I do not use the 
>word "the same" I use that word equal, what means different things):
>NULL  equals  absence_of_value  equals  absence_of_variable_in_namespace
>I can imagine no case where people would need to differentiate between NULL and never 
>been in namespace, we should not allow this, otherwise we would introduce the 
>differentiation into a third state, non existent, what raises the wtf-factor and is 
>not required as far as I can think
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