On Wed, 7 Feb 2001, [ISO-8859-1] André Langhorst wrote:

> we should just define (and document) this similar to Andrei (note, I do 
> not use the word "the same" I use that word equal, what means different 
> things):
> NULL  equals  absence_of_value  equals  absence_of_variable_in_namespace
> I can imagine no case where people would need to differentiate between 
> NULL and never been in namespace, we should not allow this, otherwise we 
> would introduce the differentiation into a third state, non existent, 
> what raises the wtf-factor and is not required as far as I can think
> andré

I agree. I've watched a lot of seasoned programmers learning PHP and the
behaviour of various functions operating on NULL, 0, and '' has always had an
extremely high wtf-factor (I really like that term). Most of the former
discrepancies have been fixed, though.

Try as I might, I can't think of a good case where you'd want to check for NULL
and existance in the namespace.  


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