Andi Gutmans wrote:
> It doesn't make much sense to go back and break old names and it doesn't
> make lots of sense to create a zillion of aliases. I guess if there are some
> names which in particular need fixing because they are terrible (there
> might be some of these) then we should fix them on a per-function basis.

"zillion" is a bit hard to pin down, isn't it? :-)

I took a swipe at figuring out the scope of the issue, and we have a
small mix of variants in a mostly consistent set of names. I'd say less
than a zillion. A bunch or so, maybe? ;-)

If done as a "think about this when updating and editing old code" problem,
the task of aliasing becomes much smaller, and much more achievable. It
also becomes less wasteful, as functions which aren't being actively
used (and thus, maintained) can atrophy gracefully, without having all
sorts of aliases created for a mostly unused function. (Example: Oracle
functions are slowly falling away, being replaced by OCI, swf functions
are doing a similar thing.)

> I am for uniform names but not if it's at the price of adding a zillion of
> aliases or at a price of making 50% of people's old scripts not work. I am
> also very much against compile-time options because I'd expect a script
> written in PHP and posted on some sites code exchange to work for everybody.

I'd definitely agree with both points, but am wondering if there's a "reasonable"
limit on supporting old scripts. (I'd call reasonable 6 years worth of
code, or three major codebase rewrites).

(Thanks for the humor Zak, it helps... I'm gonna go cry, hold onto
my woogie, and see if I can remember heim_unblock())


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