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> We should probably just make a list of all the effected functions and see
> which ones we start fixing and which not.
> And of course it has to be a very gradual death of the old functions
> similar to the way described on the QA list a while ago about having a
> warning after a few versions and only then nuking the aliases.
> By the way, we already have some ugly aliases today which I'd love to nuke
> But guys, there's one thing you need to remember and I've seen it in the
> past. The amount of people you think will get bitten by something this
> small is usually 10 times more than you really think :'(
> Andi
> At 09:24 PM 3/1/2001 -0700, Ron Chmara wrote:
> >Andi Gutmans wrote:
> > > It doesn't make much sense to go back and break old names and it
> > > make lots of sense to create a zillion of aliases. I guess if there
> > some
> > > names which in particular need fixing because they are terrible (there
> > > might be some of these) then we should fix them on a per-function
> >
> >"zillion" is a bit hard to pin down, isn't it? :-)
> >
> >I took a swipe at figuring out the scope of the issue, and we have a
> >small mix of variants in a mostly consistent set of names. I'd say less
> >than a zillion. A bunch or so, maybe? ;-)
> >
> >If done as a "think about this when updating and editing old code"
> >the task of aliasing becomes much smaller, and much more achievable. It
> >also becomes less wasteful, as functions which aren't being actively
> >used (and thus, maintained) can atrophy gracefully, without having all
> >sorts of aliases created for a mostly unused function. (Example: Oracle
> >functions are slowly falling away, being replaced by OCI, swf functions
> >are doing a similar thing.)
> >
> > > I am for uniform names but not if it's at the price of adding a
zillion of
> > > aliases or at a price of making 50% of people's old scripts not work.
I am
> > > also very much against compile-time options because I'd expect a
> > > written in PHP and posted on some sites code exchange to work for
> > everybody.
> >
> >I'd definitely agree with both points, but am wondering if there's a
> >"reasonable"
> >limit on supporting old scripts. (I'd call reasonable 6 years worth of
> >code, or three major codebase rewrites).
> >
> >(Thanks for the humor Zak, it helps... I'm gonna go cry, hold onto
> >my woogie, and see if I can remember heim_unblock())
> >:-)
> >
> >-Bop
> >
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