> I am for uniform names but not if it's at the price of adding a zillion of
> aliases or at a price of making 50% of people's old scripts not work. I am
> also very much against compile-time options because I'd expect a script
> written in PHP and posted on some sites code exchange to work for

code exchange do not work well even now - think about magic quotes and magic
quotes runtime.

compile-time defaut of some old versions of php (3.x as far as i remember)
is to disable magic quotes. my setup is
magic quotes set to yes, runtime to no.

many hosting providers still have a default setup of php3 and making a
shareable script needs the get_magic_quotes_qpc/set_magic_quotes_runtime and
addslashesh stuff. why make more difficulties? if there is an option about
function aliases then there will be times more different (incompatible)
envirnonments than now and perhapse autoconf stuff will be needed to setup
and run a simple php script on different server... just imagine the
"Checking for is_alpha..." ;-)


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