Regardless of the request itself, it'd be much better if you loaded the 
.so/.dll in php.ini, instead of in every script.  Loading it using dl() in 
every script is extremely inefficient.


At 20:19 6/3/2001, Andrew Lawrence wrote:
>I'm not a member of this list so please CC any replies to me or to the
>php-gtk list
>I would like to ask the PHP developers to consider the following change to
>the function dl()
>If the module name does not include an extension (i.e. no dot in the module
>name), add the appropriate extension as required for the operating - either
>.so or .dll as appropriate.
>The rational is a follows:
>1) In php-gtk every, every script must be with something like
>if (strtoupper(substr(PHP_OS, 0, 3)) == 'WIN')
>         dl('php_gtk.dll');
>         dl('');
>This has caused a few problems where either the constant seemed to have an
>incorrect value or people screwed up the code.
>2) As the distribution of PHP grows it is forseeable that the set of values
>for PHP_OS may change, resulting in broken code. Also the appropriate
>extensions may change as new operating systems are supported.
>3) It would simply the php.ini file as the same extension= line would apply
>to both Linux and WinXX
>4) And finnally, it is a simple compile time decision to determine with
>operating system is being used and set the appropriate default.
>I look forward to your feed-back.
>Andrew Lawrence
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