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I would like to ask the PHP developers to consider the following change to 
the function dl()

If the module name does not include an extension (i.e. no dot in the module 
name), add the appropriate extension as required for the operating - either 
.so or .dll as appropriate.

The rational is a follows:

1) In php-gtk every, every script must be with something like

if (strtoupper(substr(PHP_OS, 0, 3)) == 'WIN')

This has caused a few problems where either the constant seemed to have an 
incorrect value or people screwed up the code.

2) As the distribution of PHP grows it is forseeable that the set of values 
for PHP_OS may change, resulting in broken code. Also the appropriate 
extensions may change as new operating systems are supported.

3) It would simply the php.ini file as the same extension= line would apply 
to both Linux and WinXX

4) And finnally, it is a simple compile time decision to determine with 
operating system is being used and set the appropriate default.

I look forward to your feed-back.

Andrew Lawrence
Smoke & Mirrors
Tel: 416 461-8708 Fax: 416 461-1758

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