> That's great, but it shouldn't be the starting point for the project...
> Jani is right that whenever we speak about separating PEAR, or putting
> extensions in it, it's always at some point in the future.  Opensource
> projects usually start up and roll once they reach some critical mass, and
> waiting for a certain particular development to happen isn't usually
> beneficial.  If there'll be people working on PEAR modules, the incentive
> for the 'pear' utility author will be much higher to make it work, and he
> may also have some support from others.  It's been 14 months since PEAR was
> born, I think it may be a good idea to try and let it walk a bit.

Sure, it's not like anybody is turning away code contributions.  If
someone has an idea for this PEAR infrastructure, it is more than welcome.


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