It's an inherent 'feature' of opensource projects, which has its advantages 
and disadvantages.  One of the good things about OSS is the relatively 
short 'time to market'.  The price is that you have to be willing to accept 
buglets.  The trick is to find the right mixture between time to market and 
the risk of instability.

In my humble opinion (humility is a virtue), new modules are fine to add 
while in the release process, as long as there's at least one RC after 
them, to ensure they don't mess up the build or anything trivial like 
that.  It takes 2-3 months between each and every release, and it'd be a 
shame for the new module author to receive wide exposure and feedback for 
his new code.  In my opinion, the CVS rules should be changed to reflect 
that, just to make Jani happy, or we'd stay outlaws in his mind forever :)


At 23:21 20/3/2001, Sascha Schumann wrote:
> > The SAPI extension was never used by anyone before so there's no harm in
> > adding it (this is not changing/patching existing functionality).
> > It does make two changes to two build files but I took a very close look at
> > them and it doesn't seem like they can cause us problems.
>     Regardless of how simple a change may look, it can cause
>     problems.  IMNSHO, only well-tested changes for critical bugs
>     should be applied to a release branch ever, otherwise we will
>     never get rid of patchlevel releases.  Our continous need for
>     those point to a quite embarrasing problem in our release
>     process which we finally need to overcome.
>     - Sascha                                     Experience IRCG
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