On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, Phil Driscoll wrote:

> The business of moving extensions to PEAR appeals to me as I think that PHP
> currently feels too big - especially from the point of view of the potential
> new user with a dial up connection, who may well look elsewhere for
> something smaller. However, I think the idea of moving some extensions to
> PEAR and leaving others alone will produce a situation where 'knowing' where
> to find an extension is not intuitive.

Well, I don't know how valid that argument (dialup) really is.  I
currently use a dial up connection (56k) and I'm fine with php (it takes
at most 20 minutes to download and I can do other things while php is

> The two solutions to this which spring to mind are:
> ALL extensions are in PEAR, and a download tool allows easy selection of
> extensions, perhaps with a 'most common options' button to include the
> favourite extensions.

I think this would be a unfavorable solution, since one of PHP's main
advantages to new users is they don't have to go looking somewhere else
for all of their extensions.  Offering a full download and a selector tool
might be a nice option though.

> As above except that the most common extensions are somehow promoted fom
> being extensions into the core of PHP.

I don't see the point of this.  That's simply a move from




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