> I think my main point is valid though. Placing popular extensions in one
> place and unpopular ones in another draws an arbitrary line in the sand
> which makes it impossible to intuitively guess where things should be. The
> only way for this to be handled elegantly is for all extensions to live in
> the same place.

Either the extention you want comes with PHP, or you get it from PEAR.  I
don't think that's too non-inuitive. :)

Of course, no matter what we decide, there is nothing to stop people from
*not* contributing their code into the main PEAR repository.  Not all Perl
modules are in CPAN.

Or for starting their own PEAR-ish repository ... PHP Library of Unlisted
Modules = PLUM ;)

So no matter what some non-intuitiveness will eventually creep in.  I just
think that'll be a by-product of PHP becoming so popular.

- Colin

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