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> > At 05:03 17/4/2001, Sterling Hughes wrote:
> > >Ok, let me just see if I understand...
> > >
> > >move everything out of the distribution (from mysql popular extensions
> > >like mysql to hardly used ones like qtdom), and then, come release time,
> > >package a predefined set of PEAR modules and extensions we want to package
> > >for PHP4.
> > 
> > Not really - some of the extensions will remain in PHP.  I believe
> > that the fact that PHP comes bundled with support for some of the most
> > common Web environment applications is still a serious factor in its
> > success.  It did get into a situation when there are simply too many
> > not-too-mainstream extensions in there, though, which makes it very
> > difficult to find a stable point at time to release it.  I wouldn't
> > expect MySQL, Oracle or XML support to be removed from PHP, though.
> Why not, as long as we put the latest known-to-be-stable version of
> each back in when making a release?

I'm replying to another message you sent where you say you fail to see
the advantages.  Well, the advantage is that when you free the PHP
core from the release cycle of all the extensions, doing PHP releases
will become less complex, the QA process is broken down into smaller,
more manageable tasks.

Also, it makes the development cycles of the core and extensions more
free: if Thies wants to do some heavy surgery on the oci8 extension
adding support for Oracle 15, he doesn't have to wait until the
"now-in-RC" PHP is released, he can just go ahead and code knowing
that the PHP release will ship with the latest version of the OCI
extension that he labelled as stable.

We won't end up with no extensions but ext/standard in PHP, but I
think we should be offensive about taking them out unless they are
very tightly integrated with PHP, and unless the maintainers object.
The only ones I can think of that are this integrated must be
"standard", "bcmath" and "session".

 - Stig

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