Quoting Stanislav Malyshev <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> I don't know why very these ones are the "biggest", but it's possible to
> "resolve" them, taking into account that every resolution would be
> necessarily imperfect, since the situation itself is no good.

Okay, I've gone and refreshed my memory a bit. There's a pretty good article on 
the topic here:


> There can be a number of strategies, e.g.:
> 1. Requiring exact qualification on each call
> 2. Choosing one of them (fits for variables, worse for methods)
> 3. Declaring the situation to be an error
> etc., etc.

Going with my own instincts and the opinions of the above article, 1 or 3 would 
be acceptable solutions. And 2 doesn't _always_ work for variables, in the case 
that you're encapsulating two objects with distinct states.

That said, I'm still against it because of the complexity that it adds and the 
misuse that it encourages. I'd rather see interfaces (and namespaces! - though 
that's not a solution for the same problem).


Charles Hagenbuch, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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