On 2001-05-02 14:51:53, "Jani Taskinen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> That COM problem is Win32 specific. And as Microsoft in it's great
> has decided not to include any compilers in their OSs, the lack
> of binary builds for RCs kinda makes it a bit hard for those who would
> like to to test to actually test.

What would be great is a cross-compiler based on the cygwin package that
would allow the developers to build win32 versions without having to have
access to a win32 platform.  That way they could at least test to make sure
that it builds.

Couple that with VMWare and you're flying :-)

Seriously though, win32 is particular hard to do automated testing.
Maybe we could use cygwin for running the test-suite under win32 and at
least be able to use standard *nix tools?

I haven't really looked at the test-suite, so this is just a (hopefully)
helpful suggestion.


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