> On 2001-05-02 15:03:50, "Zeev Suraski" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > We're going to have a Windows build machine at Zend, that will have
> > automated builds (it's actually quite around the corner now).  Once
> it's
> > ready, we're going to have daily snapshots as well as RC builds all the
> time.
> That's good news; the cygwin test suite suggestion is probably still valid
> though.

Another thing would be to branch into Borland C++, as thats also a strong
windows based compiler, it opens compilation to a lot more people.

I have to say, being able to download a prebuilt windows version would be
good, heres a number of reasons why..

#1 What if the problem was with the MS VC++ on the machine that built it,
rather than the actual code?
#2 It does mean that for people like me who have access to Vis Studio but are
not so familiar with it for whatever reason we can just download and test
#3 Most people have access to a windows machine, thus opening for more of the
people prepared to do proper QA to have a check on the windows stuff


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