At 11:16 AM 5/3/2001 +0100, Phil Driscoll wrote:
>Andi wrote:
> >That brings me to more current events. I'd like to roll an RC1 for 4.0.6
> >pretty soon (Saturday?).
>I don't want to slow things down here, and if Saturday can be achieved, all
>well and good, but we perhaps ought to have a strong guideline that, say, 1
>weeks warning of an impending RC is given. That will give everyone time to
>either get their important stuff in, or argue for a delay, and there will be
>a lower probability of people wanting to stick stuff in other than bugfixes
>after RC1.

I already mailed about it a few days ago. I think a lot of changes have 
been made since 4.0.5, especially a lot of good bug fixes, and it's a good 
idea to start getting 4.0.6 out of the door. 4.0.5 branched a looooooong 
time ago.

>If we can't have a firm rule that only bug fixes go in after RC1, can we at
>least agree that that is the guideline in upper case bold 72 point flashing
>red and green text?

I think that can be done :)


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