I very much agree with Andrei on this. Please, keep the 
existing functionality. 

Although, I'm not familiar with any issues possibly connected
with this. Does it hurt anything?

At 16:03 3.5. 2001, Andrei Zmievski wrote the following:
>On Thu, 03 May 2001, Zeev Suraski wrote:
>> Hmmm, looks like the MySQL module was changed to add NULL elements to the 
>> array.  It even looks as if you changed it :)
>> I intentionally removed the code that populated return values with NULL's, 
>> to avoid inconsistencies.  People should use the mysql_fetch_field() to 
>> check which fields there are.
>> I'd like to change it back...
>Yes, I changed it a while ago because it seems logical that the result
>array should be representative of what is in the database. If I run a
>query "select field1, field2, field3 from table", then I'd better have
>all three fields in the result array, rather than hunting for which
>field was omitted.
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