> On Thu, 03 May 2001, Andi Gutmans wrote:
> > Yeah but I'm afraid it'll make scripts be written on behavior which
> > shouldn't be counted on.
> > Maybe in future versions of Zend $array['foo'] won't be defined. There
> > certain situations where I think it was impossible to not define it so
> > was defined with NULL meaning it's not defined.
> Um, but some db extensions return NULL values as part of the array, so
> if column 'foo' is NULL in the db, you'd want the result array to have
> NULL under key 'foo' - it just won't do to have that column be missing.

Um, lots of people use isset($row['foo]) to detect NULL in the database...

Are you going to change that behaviour?


If the column is missing, they screwed up their SQL, which is not within the
pervue of PHP to fix in the first place...

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