On Thu, 3 May 2001, John Donagher wrote:

> Hi Sterling-
> There are implementation-specific reasons of why this can be useful, but I was
> hoping to avoid the "I can't see why you'd want this" (very common on this
> list, and something I'm also guilty of, but limiting to the evolution of the
> language IMHO) argument in favor of "semantically that's probably the right way
> to do it, but it's not real important", which is why I'm willing to make the
> change if the concensus is that the change would be the right thing.

I'm asking "why do you want this?"  Because that's really what dictates
changes more than anything.  Its simple, if you can explain to enough
people on this mailing list why you want the feature, and you can
therefore convince enough of them they want the feature to be added,
that's what will get the feature put in PHP.  Currently, I see no real
reason for it, perhaps you can give me one?

As for semantics, I don't agree with your proposal. If you declare classes
in PHP, they are case in-sensitive.  Therefore, if you ask for the name of
the class, its case really shouldn't matter either, having the classes
always returned in lower case makes it easier because you always know the
case the class will be returned in.

> I definetly believe it's not real important and will have no visible benefit to
> "most people". What I want to be sure of is that it won't hurt "most people"
> either. I'm not sure if the speed decrease would be noticeable. I don't get
> your argument about it being a kludge; I think what we have now is the kludge.
> I do agree a get_declared_class() would probably have a high WTF factor, which
> is why I favor changing the original to (like Andrei said) accept a parameter
> which determines its behavior.

We're describing two different things.

I'm describing the implementation of the feature as a kludge (I can see
no clean way), not the feature itself.


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