On Wed, 9 May 2001, Sterling Hughes wrote:

>On Thu, 10 May 2001, Jani Taskinen wrote:
>> This is just because some developers don't like to follow the guidelines.
>> As, I quote, "it woulnd't be fun anymore" or "you can't force anyone".
>Hrrmmm.. Which guidelines would those be?  And no, you can't force anyone,

This one.. (from CODING_STANDARDS):

Naming Conventions

[1] Function names for user-level functions should be enclosed with in
    the PHP_FUNCTION() macro. They should be in lowercase, with words

And yes, you can force anyone. If they don't follow the guidelines set,
their CVS access can as easily be taken from them as it was given..
This is same as if someone intentionally breaks some parts of the code.

>if you see something you don't like however, your welcome to change it,
>and if its generally a good change, then it will be included in the code.

So..you think that if you are lazy and don't wanna follow these loose
guidelines a bit and use your own intendation and naming convention
someone else has to come after and clean up your mess?! Yeah, right.

This isn't like at your home where your mom cleans up your room.
Here you really have to do it yourself. :-p

>I've gone ahead and changed them all to lower case...  If its a bad change
>I'm expecting people to bitch.

Anyone good with regexps could create a script which could be used
to at least find these..or even convert them to lower case ?

>> >another question: according to the CODING_STANDARDS file every function
>> >should be lowercase, but how about exported classes ? is there a guidline
>> >for this ?
>> See above.
>There is no standard in the CODING_STANDARDS file.

So why does it even exist?


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