Y'all need to stop.  If this feature is optional, then it won't affect any
existing scripts, and on the other hand, people may actually benifit from
the change.  If someone uses the optional feature, and it makes that
script non-portable then that is that person's problem.  This is just a
roadblock that happens when you mix a case sensitive OS with a case
insensitive language.  It's similar to mysql database names being case
sensitive to some extent because a database cooresponds to a directory.

Zeev already said it would be a feature in a future release.  Nuff said.


On Fri, 4 May 2001, Colin Viebrock wrote:

> > The question was under what key the class entry should be stored...  At
> any
> > rate, it's a non-issue;  Saving the 'beautiful' version of the class name
> > is possible, but is a bit hacky IMHO.  There should be an optional case
> > sensitive mode, and we'll introduce one in one of the future versions of
> PHP.
> Yeah ... I posted before reading the remainder of the thread. :)
> One "problem" with case sensitivity (perhaps) is that it may make some
> scripts non-portable.
> Say I develop a super-duper PEAR class using case-sensitive code (cause
> that's what I have on my server).  Someone who is running PHP in
> case-insensitive mode will complain when my code says:
>     if (get_class($foo)=='Some_Class_Name')) { ...
> So all code that might be shared either a) needs to only us lowercase names,
> b) coders need to implicity lowercase their comparisons by changing the
> above line to:
>     if (strtolower(get_class($foo))=='some_class_name')) { ...
> or c) we also need a way to switch between sensitivity modes through PHP
> code (either an ini_set() call, or something else).
> Also, case-sensitivity means I can write code with functions like
> StrReplace() and MySQL_Fetch_Row(), which will seriously cause problems on
> non-case-sensitive installs ... unless all variations of PHP functions are
> reserved.
> - Colin


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