David Giffin wrote:

> Hello,
> I added in a function to provide server side sorting on searches. This is
> a LDAP version 3 specific function, and uses the Netscape API so I have
> ifdef'ed the new function. It adds a "sortstr" attriubte to the 
> ldap_search() function that already exists in php. There might be a better
> way to incorporate the code into php, but here is my first attempt.
> proto int ldap_sort_search(int link, string base_dn, string filter
> [, array attrs [, string sortstr [, int attrsonly [, int sizelimit
> [, int timelimit [, int deref]]]]])
> Thanks,
> David Giffin

If you want your function added, the first thing you need to do is send 
a diff, instead of the entire file itself.


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