On Wed, May 16, 2001 at 08:52:52AM -0700, David Giffin wrote:
> If we are to follow the Netscape API then we should have a
> ldap_search_ext() function which we can pass the results of the
> ldap_create_sort_control(), other server side and client side controls.
> We can then incorporate "Virtual List View Control" and "Entry Change
> Notification Control" along with the rest of LDAP Version 3
> functionality.

Yes, I think it might be better to have separate functions for the
controls like I suggested in my last mail though. We then make sure to
pass the necessary controls to ldap_search_ext() in our internal C
function. Also in some cases people can set necessary controls with
the existing ldap_set_control() function.

This is easier for PHP users than having to first call
ldap_create_sort_control() etc. and call ldap_search_ext() with
results from those. They would also have to free the resources that
ldap_search_ext() will have to create. What I propose is that we
only keep the resources internally, and that they are freed in the
sort case by calling the set_server_sort.. function with an empty
attribute array. This is a matter of taste. I can try to explain
my thinking in more detail, but I don't have time for that until
next week.


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