If we are to follow the Netscape API then we should have a
ldap_search_ext() function which we can pass the results of the
ldap_create_sort_control(), other server side and client side controls.
We can then incorporate "Virtual List View Control" and "Entry Change
Notification Control" along with the rest of LDAP Version 3


On Wed, 16 May 2001, Stig Venaas wrote:

> On Tue, May 15, 2001 at 06:17:11PM -0700, David Giffin wrote:
> > 
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I added in a function to provide server side sorting on searches. This is
> > a LDAP version 3 specific function, and uses the Netscape API so I have
> > ifdef'ed the new function. It adds a "sortstr" attriubte to the 
> > ldap_search() function that already exists in php. There might be a better
> > way to incorporate the code into php, but here is my first attempt.
> > 
> > proto int ldap_sort_search(int link, string base_dn, string filter
> > [, array attrs [, string sortstr [, int attrsonly [, int sizelimit
> > [, int timelimit [, int deref]]]]])
> First of all, in order to be backwards compatible, the argument must be
> added to the end. I'm a bit worried that the search function is
> getting rather complicated.
> Sorting could be done using ldap_set_option() which we already got, the
> problem is that the argument has a complicated structure. It's BER
> encoded sequence of sequence. ldap_set_option() could perhaps be made
> to take array a value and do BER encoding etc. but that's complicated.
> The solution I prefer I think, is to mirror the Netscape API and do
> something like
> ldap_create_sort_control(ldap, sortkeylist, 1, &sortctrl);
> How about
> proto int ldap_server_sort(int link, array attrs, int
> reverse)
> All subsequent searches should then use this. We could turn it off if
> it's called with empty attrs array. When it is on, searches should then
> include this control, like you did.
> Maybe my solution sounds ugly, it is more complicated to implement.
> I'm just starting to get concerned with all the arguments to ldap_search()
> and I think to have it close to the C API if possible. And if you are to
> have backwards compatibility, adding it as final argument to ldap_search()
> means that users always must supply all the other optional arguments.
> Stig

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