On Wed, 16 May 2001, Jani Taskinen wrote:
> Have you ever heard that you can also change that number in the middle?
>           4.0.6
> This one----^
> It can be something else than an ellipse called zero..it can even be a
> number 1!!! Whoa! Never thougth about that?!
> And maybe, just MAYBE then these people (who you seem to think of as
> complete idiots) would READ the NEWS file? Or e.g. RELEASE_NOTES ?
> Or is that number in the middle reserved for something special? Something
> the 'group' only know of and don't want to tell us lower class people?
> Maybe the 'group' could take their thumbs out of their asses and
> start DOING something? And maybe they could start listening to new ideas
> for once and a while. Or is the 'group' nowadays only Zeev/Andi ?
> It would be really nice to hear from the other members of the 'group' also
> as it really seems like the only ones speaking for it are Zeev/Andi..
> Or could someone please define the function of this mysterious 'group' ?
> (And please, someone else than Zeev/Andi.. :)

Being antagonistically sarcastic won't win you any friends, Jani.

As far as your question about the version numbers, the middle digit gets
bumped up when we plan some changes that will break backwards
compatibility and implement features in the core language. So, yes, it
is something special, it's not for bug fixes or extension changes.


Politics is for the moment, an equation is for eternity.
                                   -- Albert Einstein

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