> One thing I'd like to see is a utility which could check a source
directory and
> warn about obviously deprecated / insecure / inefficient things. It'd make
> easier for that hypothetical ISP admin with a large pile of code which has
> haphazardly maintained for years.

hey, guys, how do you imagine an isp admin changing hosted code in order to
upgrade php to a newer incompatible version?

this is a dream - if isps are not sure it will work without changes, they
will never upgrade. if they upgrade and thousands of sites stop working many
people will _really_hate_ php

lets say i am the client and my isp decides to upgrade - they change my .php
files so they now work with the latest php version, tommorow i login and
upload my newer version and everything stops working, yes everything because
one of the files included everywhere uses a deprecated construct and bloats
with a syntax error...

breaking backward compatibility in php is not a good thing - it even cannot
be compared to apache 1.2.x differences to 1.3.x ones. for isps the
webserver is their responsibility but php code is user's. moving from apache
1.2.x to 1.3.x for a server with hundreds of hosted sites is a piece of cake
compared to upgrading from php3 to php4 - this is the reason many isps do
not upgrade and will not


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