> >As far as your question about the version numbers, the middle digit gets
> >bumped up when we plan some changes that will break backwards
> >compatibility and implement features in the core language. So, yes, it
> >is something special, it's not for bug fixes or extension changes.
> Exactly. As we now agree with it, let's get busy and start breaking
> things! :)

dont know if that is a good idea =)
i dont see the problems by breaking in other projects,
but if you break it in a language like php, weve got the problem
that a lot of scrips will not work any longer..
if you break in c / perl / etc. thats no prob, afaik you just need to
compile your work
before you update the language. In PHP you cant, if you upgrade your scripts
need to work
if not, providers would need to run more than one php version..
this would give a chaos like
this cant be the right way...


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