Andrei Zmievski wrote:

> On Wed, 16 May 2001, Christian Stocker wrote:
>>As mentioned in bug #9896 the api for domxml seems to has changed a
>>it's now almost impossible to write code with domxml which works in 4.0.5
>>and 4.0.6.
>>for example  $root->children() returns a completely different Array
>>(tagname instead of name and so on...).
>>Does this make sense for a minor-update?
>>And all the domxml function still just produce a segfault on 4.0.6. if
>>this is not supported anymore, fine ($root->children() instead of
>>domxml_children($root) works also in 4.0.5), but i'd prefer a fatal error
>>instead of a segfault :)
>>Maybe I have to live with all these api-changes and as soon as all our
>>servers have 4.0.6, it won't be a problem for me. But I think i'm not the
>>only one which disturbs that a little bit.
> I fixed a few memory leaks I found in that extension, but my feeling
> is that there are still lots of them and also many bugs lurking in
> there. I don't know where Uwe is or what he plans to do with the
> extension..

I've contacted Uwe, and if he doesn't object (or respond ;) within the 
next day or so, I'll revert the commit in the 4_0_6 branch (leaving head 


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