Colin Viebrock wrote:

>>I've contacted Uwe, and if he doesn't object (or respond ;) within the
>>next day or so, I'll revert the commit in the 4_0_6 branch (leaving head
> Whoa.
> Are you saying that 4.0.6 will revert to the domxml "syntax" that was in
> 4.0.4 and previous?  And that 4.0.5 will just have it's own "syntax"?
> I've already updated all my scripts to the new syntax, assuming it was the
> way of the future.  Don't tell me we are back-pedalling now!

Ok, maybe I won't ;)))

its odd though, the NEWS file seems to show that 4.0.6 is the release 
where the syntax changes, not 4.0.5, perhaps we're talking about two 
different commits (in 4.0.4 DOM-XML was also overhauled)?

Its just the new syntax seems to be quite buggy (leaks and crashes) and 
a large amount of people are getting surprised and annoyed by the new 
syntax as the documentation does not reflect it, and neither do any of 
the notes in the NEWS file.


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