Christian Stocker wrote:

> On Yesterday, Colin Viebrock wrote:
>>>I've contacted Uwe, and if he doesn't object (or respond ;) within the
>>>next day or so, I'll revert the commit in the 4_0_6 branch (leaving head
>>Are you saying that 4.0.6 will revert to the domxml "syntax" that was in
>>4.0.4 and previous?  And that 4.0.5 will just have it's own "syntax"?
> no, i don't think, either, that this would be a good idea. but in 4.0.5
> the "old" and the "new" syntax worked (i'm not sure what's really old and
> what's new....). so if i want to get the childrens of a root domNode
> i could write:
> $children = domxml_children($root); (the old method ?)
> or
> $children = $root->children; (i assume the new one...)

More accurately i believe:

$children = $root->children();
$children = $root->children;

I could be wrong though.

> in 4.0.5 both worked. in 4.0.6 only the second works, the first causes
> a segfault... and segfaults are very annoying for debugging php-code (and
> maybe some coders even don't know, where their error_log file is to look
> for segfaults...)

Well the commit I plan on reversing in the branch what happened during 
4.0.6-dev, I got permission from Uwe, so I'll go ahead and do that.


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