> HAH! and Ding Dong it was:
> Delivery to the following recipients failed.
> Can't even make your email work right! Laff no wonder mail() doesn't 
> work right with ding dongs like you!
>  -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> ---------------------------
> lol, if you don't want an email back then don't email me to start with! lol
> Ding dongs like you probably is what's wrong with PHP.
> Only want to hear nice siren songs about how glorious php is over sound 
> of BUGS BUGS BUGS and more BUGS!

Would you like to have sex with me if I dressed up like a ballerina and 
called myself Bob?



(come on guys, we get so few of these wonderful gents per year, let me 
have *some* fun ;)

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