Public humiliation to hell. I've been in the army.

I think it's PHP and your bullshit that's taking a beating because I am one 
heck of a loud mouthed upset customer (if you can grasp that concept) that 
still manages to know something about web programming!

If you don't like it, do it yourself... hah, well I read all the "php is 
better than asp" bullshit and this rant and all the responses proves that 
it's full of crap.

At 02:24 PM 5/22/01 +0300, you wrote:
> >> Yes I do breath fire, but only to put fire under you lazy PHP
> >> developers! lol
>Sorry, pal, this substance you breath isn't called "fire". Fire doesn't
>stink that much.
> >> And no I am not in my early 20's but thanks for the compliment. Actually
> >> I'm probably older than you in body years but maybe not in mind years!
>Yeah, probably if we count in mind years you are younger than my daughter
>who will go to school next year. Probably years younger. She already knows
>it is impolite to call strangers with curse words. You still do not.
>Next time you will want to write a message on the developers list, only
>content of which being "you are lazy dorks and your product is crap" - do
>yourself a favor and send this message to yourself instead. Developers
>would not regard you seriuosly anyway after this message, and you will
>save yourself public humiliation.
>Stanislav Malyshev, Zend Products Engineer
>[EMAIL PROTECTED] +972-3-6139665 ext.115

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