Ah, thank you for the response.  I was afraid it might have been something
to do with my end.

>From what I can tell, you are hosting this on your own connection at
home/work?  Is there no one in the community that is willing to host the
server for you guys?


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> > For some reason, it seems that messages sent to the lists aren't being
> > delivered for over 5 hours or more.  I only just got a message that I
> > today at 11:30AM.  Although, they do show up on the news server pretty
> > quickly.
> >
> > Is anyone else experiencing this?
> Sure, the lists will be somewhat slow.  The bandwidth needed to deliver
> all these is right on the limit of what I can provide.  At peak times the
> box falls behind, but then it catches up as things slow down.  And
> sometimes I need the bandwidth and I will just unplug the list server for
> a while as my connection is pretty much useless when the box is plugged
> in.
> This is a temporary situation just to get the lists working again.  An
> alternative will need to be found quickly.
> -Rasmus

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