Rasmus and all,

I was talking with some of the people in the local LUG
(www.kernel-panic.org), and the SDPHP, and most where
enhtusiastic about trying to get some host for the
CVS, lists, etc.

Someone commented last week in #php that you were
using your home connection because there was no
hosting for that anymore. What would be needed? in
particular what would be the bandwith requirements?

Some of the people in the KPLUG make a living hosting,
so it is feasible to get something setup.

--- Rasmus Lerdorf <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > For some reason, it seems that messages sent to
> the lists aren't being
> > delivered for over 5 hours or more.  I only just
> got a message that I sent
> > today at 11:30AM.  Although, they do show up on
> the news server pretty
> > quickly.
> >
> > Is anyone else experiencing this?
> Sure, the lists will be somewhat slow.  The
> bandwidth needed to deliver
> all these is right on the limit of what I can
> provide.  At peak times the
> box falls behind, but then it catches up as things
> slow down.  And
> sometimes I need the bandwidth and I will just
> unplug the list server for
> a while as my connection is pretty much useless when
> the box is plugged
> in.
> This is a temporary situation just to get the lists
> working again.  An
> alternative will need to be found quickly.
> -Rasmus

--- Jesus M. Castagnetto <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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