Rasmus (or anyone):
        Can you quantify what lists.php.net consumes for bandwidth on
average? As long as it's not some completely outrageous figure, I can
meet all of these criteria...

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote the following to Daniel Beckham :

> > From what I can tell, you are hosting this on your own connection at
> > home/work?  Is there no one in the community that is willing to host the
> > server for you guys?
> It is on my home DSL connection.  And yes, there are people willing, but
> we are somewhat picky about the terms of such hosting.  We basically want
> a server to ourselves with full root access, but we also want someone we
> can call who will get the server back up and running quickly if something
> happens.  And we want to host it somewhere that will still be around in 6
> months.
> -Rasmus

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