ID: 11703
User updated by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Old Status: 
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Scripting Engine problem
Operating System: Solaris 8
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

Turns out that php scripts to be opened must exist under the httpd document root, and 
that the include_path directive is the path under the document root as well. Would 
have helped if this was made a little clearer in the installation instructions! Thanks 
for all the help;

Garey Mills

Previous Comments:

[2001-07-12 13:41:04] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

phpinfo can be run if there is no prepend file defined. You can see the info produced 
by phpinfo at


[2001-06-30 03:06:22] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Here is the prepend.php3 file. It comes from the phplib distributed with HORDE

 * Session Management for PHP3
 * Copyright (c) 1998,1999 SH Online Dienst GmbH
 *                    Boris Erdmann, Kristian Koehntopp
 * $Id: prepend.php3,v 2000/09/08 20:55:27 bjn Exp $

if (empty($_PHPLIB) || !is_array($_PHPLIB)) {
# Aren't we nice? We are prepending this everywhere 
# we require or include something so you can fake
# include_path  when hosted at provider that sucks.
  $_PHPLIB["libdir"] = ""; 

require($_PHPLIB["libdir"] . "");  /* Change this to match your database. 
require($_PHPLIB["libdir"] . "");    /* Change this to match your data 
storage container */
require($_PHPLIB["libdir"] . "");   /* Required for everything below.      

/* Additional require statements go below this line */
/* Additional require statements go before this line */

require($_PHPLIB["libdir"] . "");     /* Required, contains your local 
configuration. */
require($_PHPLIB["libdir"] . "");      /* Required, contains the page 
management functions. */



[2001-06-29 23:51:51] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I don't see it here. You have to attach it to this bug report..


[2001-06-29 18:41:42] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Sniper - I sent my prepend.php3 file. Did you get it?


[2001-06-27 09:00:19] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

What is in the file prepend.php3 ??


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