ID: 12310
Updated by: cynic
Status: Bogus
Bug Type: Variables related
Operating System: WinNT IIS
PHP Version: 4.0.6
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Please, take this where it belongs: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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[2001-07-22 21:35:14] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I'm assuming you want to be able to call these includes, and you think you need to 
know the path?

IMO, there is a much cleaner way that you can use regardless of your current working 

Create a directory where all your scripts will go, for example C:\Inetpub\php\.  
Modify your include_path to include our new directory C:\Inetpub\php.  Move your 
"inc/" directory to this new directory.

Now your code can be
no matter what directory you are in.  You just need to make sure you have your path 
setup in the order you want it processed in, otherwise if you have an inc/ 
in your current working dir it will use that one first.  Which is also good in some 

I've honestly never used $SCRIPT_FILENAME, I've always used $PHP_SELF or one of the 



[2001-07-22 21:24:03] [EMAIL PROTECTED]


i just made a page with





[2001-07-22 20:35:21] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

make sure you have a big mailbox if you subscribe to this mailing list.

You get lots of messages...


[2001-07-22 20:30:59] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

One last remark before I definitely leave this PR:
Michael, you might also want to subscribe to php-general@,
that can be done by sending an empty email to [EMAIL PROTECTED]


[2001-07-22 20:26:58] [EMAIL PROTECTED]


Sorry about my remark.

If you create a page like cnewbill said, you can see all of environmental
variables, server variables, etc... that PHP defines.

Also, as cynic said check out the documentation at

Hopefully you can get it to work...


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