ID: 12310
Updated by: cynic
Status: Bogus
Bug Type: Variables related
Operating System: WinNT IIS
PHP Version: 4.0.6
New Comment:

Michael, I think you should devote some time to read the PHP documentation. You're 
trying to make orange juice from apples. That won't work.

Also, next time you think you've found a bug, please check that it's not a PEBKAC.

Last, give only accurate, and TRUE!!! info in bug reports. I could easily see that 
your bug report was bogus, but with something more complicated or subtle, your claim 
that it works on other machines could mislead a developer, and cost them a lot of 
their time. I'm sure that would not be your goal.

Andi, I didn't get your remark about Linux. The behavior he was seeing is completely 
platform independent.

Previous Comments:

[2001-07-22 20:10:04] [EMAIL PROTECTED]


I can't help you anymore.  This is totally bogus.

The linux thing was a joke, because nothing like this would happen with linux.



[2001-07-22 20:08:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

If i replace $SCRIPT_FILENAME with $HTTP_SERVER_VARS["SCRIPT_NAME"] the dirname 
function only returns the path from the inet_root but not from the harddrive root.

if i type in the whole path manualy and the inclusion woks, i see that


is also empty... so my whole project could not work at my server...

I think its a general configuration problem, but what sholud i do?

"--By the way, get Linux." -> later... i have no experience with Linux


[2001-07-22 19:56:17] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Sorry about that...


if that doesn't work, I am stumped.

--By the way, get Linux.



[2001-07-22 19:53:23] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

If i use:

i get:
Warning: Undefined index: SCRIPT_FILENAME 


[2001-07-22 19:52:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]


this is bogus.


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