> log(a) / log(n) is not that much harder, and its the right way, imho.

Yes, you're right that it is the right way. But for example,
for tan(x), the "right way" is sin(x)/cos(x).

(Not such a good example, but anyway)

log($bla,2) is cleaner, IMO, than log($bla)/log(2), not mentioning the
possible need for extra ( and ).

log2() is going too far IMO, that's why I believe it shouldn't exist.

> Why not move the more complex functions into a separate "math" extension
> statistics extension?

There is a possibility that GSL will be implemented in PHP, but that's in
the 'idea to maybe do that stage' (of Jesus).

However, IMO the log, exp, sinus, etc. functions should be in the core.

> -Sterling


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