> At 01:53 AM 8/4/2001 +0200, Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:
> > > log(a) / log(n) is not that much harder, and its the right way, imho.
> >
> >Yes, you're right that it is the right way. But for example,
> >for tan(x), the "right way" is sin(x)/cos(x).
> >(Not such a good example, but anyway)
> As you said :-)  as an anal note, tan(x) is the correct notation, just as
> logarithms are also a wrapper type in themselves, log is also the
> notation.

What is 'correct' here, mathematically correct, or something else?
Mathematically you're right of course. But in mathematica & co, you'll
also get a much nicer view on formula's than in PHP...

> [snip]

> >However, IMO the log, exp, sinus, etc. functions should be in the core.
> Yes, I agree, however, expm1 and log1p don't.

I agree. Do you suggest here to hold these two, until some kind of
advanced-math-extension will be added?

Some other thing, the M_* constants. I always wondered why for example
M_2_SQRTPI (2/sqrt(PI)) was in PHP. IMO, there are only one or two essential
constants to be in the core: PI (of course), and (possibly) the

What about adding PI and, possibly, EULER as constant (without the M_), and
deprecating those M_ constants? Or at least promote them to the

> -Sterling


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