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> "Sterling Hughes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:  [snip]
>>> > >However, IMO the log, exp, sinus, etc. functions should be in the
>>> > >core.
>>> >
>>> > Yes, I agree, however, expm1 and log1p don't.
>>>I agree. Do you suggest here to hold these two, until some kind of
>>>advanced-math-extension will be added?
> Perhaps not too many people that use PHP for  biz purposes use them, but
> the few that do use it for some scientific/math stuff will appreciate
> those functions, in particular when dealing with numerical methods
> (derivation, integration, etc.). Of course I am all for putting them in
> a extension, perhaps of GSL (the lib that AFAICT is more complete among
> the Open Sources ones)
>>>  Some other thing, the M_*
>>>constants. I always wondered why for example M_2_SQRTPI (2/sqrt(PI))
>>>was in PHP. IMO, there are only one or two essential constants to be in
>>>the core: PI (of course), and (possibly) the EULER-constant. What about
>>>adding PI and, possibly, EULER as constant (without the M_), and
>>>deprecating those M_ constants? Or at least promote them to the
>> Yeah, I'd say so...  the reason? IMHO, no one was either paying
>> attention to revert them, or wanted to revert someone else's commit
>> (common problem ;-)  -Sterling
> Mea culpa, I use those for geometrical/trigonometrical conversions
> (along with some PHP implemented versions of the hyperbolic funcs and
> the like), and they are part of the math.h IIRC and the ISO specs for
> the C library. When we get ready the (future) GSL/math extension
> (matrices, vectors, yes!!!!), we could easily move them there (same for
> some functions).  Apropos, how would I go about implementing a new
> variable type, namely complex numbers? AFAICT, we can do the vectors in
> GSL as linear arrays, I got no clue as to how to translate the comple
> number record type into something already defined in PHP/Zend.  (Please
> cc me as I usually read this via the news interface)

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