At 23:57 06-08-01, Sander Steffann wrote:
> > >Deprecate dl()? I think it's one of the most useful functions... :)
> >
> > How so?  I can understand that people get used to it, but it's really
> > bad.  extensions should be loaded in the php.ini file.  There's really no
> > good reason for using dl() over the php.ini method.
>I agree with you when we are talking about using PHP in a webserver.
>However, I am seeing more and more use of PHP as a generic scripting
>language. In this situation, I think dl() is very useful...
>Imagine a application written in PHP that has a 'special' extension. For
>example, an extension to access a scanner. You don't want this loaded
>everywhere, just in your scanner application, and certainly not in your

You can achieve the same goal using a command line entry.


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